GAI (Gender Affirming Items) Request Form

GAI (Gender Affirming Items) Request Form

This form is an opportunity to request an item of clothing/accessory for free, and have it shipped to you discreetly! Please keep in mind, this is the pilot program, and as such we currently have limited funding. Should the program be successful, you'll be able to return in the fall and request more products, but for now, please stick to a single item so that many of your peers will have the opportunity to do the same.

Use the page number to navigate to the product you want, and leave the other pages blank. Requests will be collected and products ordered by the Office of LGBT Life every Monday at 12pm. Thank you!

Safety PSA: Before ordering a binder, please read this to understand the risks, and healthy ways to wear one:

Discreet Shipping: GC2B automatically ships their products discreetly, with neutral/general packaging information.

In order to receive discreet shipping from TomBoyX, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BOX ON THIS REQUEST FORM